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Friday, 14 May 2010

Breaking: AROC 5/23 is a go!

Ok, resolution is in place for our last min conflict at OU- I'll try to post this on our website tonight.
Thanks to hard work from AROC member Randy Velikan, we have worked out a compromise to the conflicts with lot P1.
We will be in Lot P-36, which is on the south side of campus- and we will grid in lots 34 and 32.
One major note- due to the construction on Squirrel Rd, all the west entrances for OU are closed, all entries will come from the north end of campus on Walton Rd. Long drive through campus, for sure.
But, we are ON, ON, On.
For the council members, please spread the word to your clubs. I will try to update the autocross page to this afternoon.


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